Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am going to a Darhma Initiative Baby SHower.

Durham Rally - Bulletized

It was a good time riding down to the Bull City Rumble. This year it was in Durham vice Raleigh.  
I hadn't been to the one in Raleigh before, but I only heard props for this location.
 The weather was perfect.  I took some back roads for the 3 hour morning trip to the rally and slabbed it back up a little quicker the same evening.
 The Tavern was the venue for the food and drink and entertainment.   
They had GOOD N.C. BBQ  and several local draft beers at the show. 
I met some really cool people that I think are giving the South a better understanding of what is going on globally.
A big Thanks to HMT for the sweet T shirt.  I hope they get some long sleeves in, but I guess you don't need them down South.
Greg Rapp Racing BMW

Sachs Rotary Engine

I don't know, but its cool.
This sweet bike has White Lightning etched in the tank below the HONDA.  Perfect etching on both sides of the tank.